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Advanced Dairy Technology, Inc. (ADT) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the California DHIA organized to provide state-of-the-art testing tools for DHIA organizations, private testing companies, or milk testing laboratories. We have a broad range of products and services, and our commitment to our customers is a top priority. We realize how important good tools are for testing and we appreciate our customers need for service and support after the sale!

Some of our Products and Services Available Are:

MilkHand 4 PocketPCMilkHand 4 PocketPC™ - In-barn test day entry software. This premier product has been developed with over 16 years of experience using handhelds and testing every kind and size of herds possible. This new software has been field tested for more than 5 years with a multitude of units installed and working in herds as small as 200 cows and as large as 15,000 cows. We sell and install the software on any user-supplied PocketPC unit for $750 plus an unlimited training and support package of $295 for the first year. Our most exciting units are the Trimble Data Systems fully waterproof and ruggedized Nomad units with a 10-key pad for $2,695. These packages require the one-year $295 unlimited installation and support package with the first units bought by an association or independent testers and feature a full 24 month, “no questions asked” repair/replacement warranty for $225. We highly recommend this in all DHIA testing situations.

RFID Tags – We market a full line of RFID tags in both HDX and FDX formats from either Destron or AllFlex. Both perform well for on-farm management uses, as well as test-day applications. Prices are very competitive in this arena and so we encourage DHIA’s to establish relationships direct with the vendors on tags. We can assist you in this area.

RFID Scanners/Wands – Our first choice in RFID wands are the I.D.ology products because they offer the best mix of affordability, durability, and usability in DHI herd testing situations. These wands use patented vibration recognition technology that lets Testers know when a tag has been read, without having to look for lights or listen for beeps. They utilize an 18-hour Lithium-Ion battery with smart-charge circuitry that allows for the latest and best battery technology for the DHIA Tester. This is a real key, because RFID wands used in DHIA testing must be both rugged and dependable. They must work longer and harder than most wands are designed to work day-in and day-out.

Pricing for these wands with a charger and holster are $800 each. We also handle Destron and AllFlex wands. The Destron DT3 wand also uses vibrating recognition, and comes with a backup battery and charger at $1,095 each. The AllFlex wands come with an extra battery for $1,252.95 each, and there is a multi-battery quick charging station for $325 as well. Testing belts, Sample Baskets, Sampler Guard Bolts for the Tru-Test Meters, and DHIA String Sampling Kits round out our product line.

IDology RFID Wand ScannerWe are in the business of testing cows and supplying the technologies that help do that with the most efficiency and lowest costs possible, while still maintaining the high standards of DHIA milk recording. We work with independent testers and DHIA associations throughout the US, Mexico and Canada. We pride ourselves on outstanding service and support. We feature access to our toll free support line from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday Pacific Time, and 24/7 cell phone support for our customers as well. We understand and recognize your need for these types of products as well as a high level of backup and support. Testing herds in today’s dairy climate is not rocket science – but it is a science!

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Alfred Duran, President/CEO
Advanced Dairy Technology, Inc.
4705 N Sonora Suit 111
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